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In a crisis call 988 or text "SAVE" to 741-741

Suicide doesn't have one cause. We can all learn more about what causes suicide and how to prevent it.
Join the #Take5toSaveLives movement today.

Complete All 5 Action Steps

Partner with Take 5!

Become a Take 5 partner and pledge to help share Take 5 with your organization or followers.

Take 5!

Download flyers, posters, social media posts, and more from the updated Take 5 toolkit! 

Your Action Could Be
A Lifeline for Someone Else.

World Suicide Prevention Day- September 10, 2023

Creating Hope Through Action
The International Association for Suicide Prevention's theme for World Suicide Prevention Day 2021-2023 is "Creating Hope Through Action" Take a minute now to read the official brochure of World Suicide Prevention Day. 
Countdown to World Suicide Prevention Day 2023
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